Damien wants out. He wants out of his job and out of Chicago.

But the dead won’t let him go, just yet. 

He and his partner, Detective Joe Hagan, from the Vicious Crimes Unit, are sent to investigate a murder in the rural farming communities of Illinois. With few clues and forensic evidence left at the scene, Damien has little to work with. 

After a second girl is found, an FBI profiler is assigned to the case. 

Not only must Damien deal with the mounting pressures that a serial killer may be living in their backyard; he must also deal with the FBI looking over his shoulder, questioning his every move.

Tensions rise reaching their breaking point, as Damien and his team uncover information that will rip this tight-knit community’s vision of small-town America to shreds. 

And begs the question, do you really know your neighbors?

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"This book is Criminal Minds meets Fifty Shades of Grey with better writing. The characters are strong and pull you into their world. The details the author uses help turn this piece of fiction into reality in your imagination." 

Ashli Avalon - Author of - A Blonde's Guide To Be A Better Marketer: For Authors Only



Blood coats the steps at St. Florentine Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois.

Lt. Damien Kaine stands over the mutilated body of Father Shri Mandahari. A note left by the killer indicates the Catholic Church is keeping secrets. 

Someone wants those secrets exposed and the Church will do whatever it can to keep that from happening. 

Even if it means, they are protecting a killer. 

As the investigation unfolds, Damien finds himself and those closest to him in danger, and he will protect those he loves at all costs. 

It's that desperation that puts him and his partner Detective Joe Hagan in a situation with deadly consequences.

All this leads to one question, can God really protect His flock?

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"Venal sin is not new to the Catholic Church, but in Victoria M. Patton's engaging new crime novel, CONFESSION OF SIN, it goes to a heinous, new level:  a serial killer of 'failed' priests is on the loose and homicide detective Damien Kaine and his partner Joe Hagan must battle not only a deeply disturbed killer with a surprising background but a secret-holding Catholic Church which only hinders solving an escalating wave of priest killings.  Patton brings her patented skills in forensic crime to this powerful and rare tale of how belief can become murderous.  It tests all Kaine's powers in a read that is at once involving and shocking.  Highly recommended."

Daniel Blake Smith




 The holidays have come and gone. The new year in Chicago brings the race for Governor to the forefront and an old killer back to town.

When a prominent political figure is murdered, Lieutenant Damien Kaine realizes the lengths some will go to in order to get what they want. 

Damien's high-profile family and ties to the future Governor, only complicate a case that is fast becoming a struggle against one of Chicago’s oldest and most powerful families. 

As the bodies begin to pile up, evidence shows a connection to a case he and his partner Detective Joe Hagan had five years ago at the 17th precinct.

The FBI and Division Central are rushing Damien to close the case. 

Not sure whom they can trust, Damien and Joe must close ranks and rely on each other.

Getting closer to the real meaning of the gruesome string of murders, not only does Damien and Joe have a target on their backs, but so do those they care about. 

And a killer who will stop at nothing to remove Damien from the case, permanently. 

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The past doesn't always stay in the past. Sometimes it comes back with a vengeance.

Lt. Damien Kaine has been keeping secrets and lying to those he trusts most. 

Damien must use all his connections, including those of his powerful father to track a silent killer from Dillon's past. 

As events unfold and Dillon’s life hangs in the balance, Damien is forced to put his career on the line to save her.  

But is his career the only thing at stake? Or will Damien’s actions weave a web of danger he never expected. With consequences that can’t be rectified.


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Sometimes revenge is the only way to truly get justice.

A brutal murder back in Chicago cuts Lieutenant Damien Kaine and his partner Detective Joe Hagan’s suspensions short. Weeks earlier than they expected.

The murder sets Damien on a chase for a killer who is several steps ahead of him and his team. 

A second murder puts another spin on the case, and now it seems that this killer has a specific agenda in mind. And it also means more will have to die. 

As the investigation expands, it points to a heinous and sinister reason behind the brutal killings. 

Forcing Damien to make a decision that goes against the very reason he became a law enforcement officer. 

But for his sanity, and his love for Dillon, he may need to do something he has never done before. And it may be asking too much.

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Nightmares are nothing more than bad dreams. Or are they?

FBI Profiler Derek Reed is paying for his mistake. A mistake that cost a girl her life and has left him with horrible physical injuries. Those injuries have forced him to take sixty days of medical leave from his unit.

Trying to escape the nightmares that plague him, he decides to take a trip.

Stopping for a rest, he stumbles across evidence of a murder. Not being able to leave a puzzle unsolved, Derek decides to chase a killer.

Quickly realizing this is a thirty-year-old murder, Derek wonders if he should just walk away.

Driven by guilt, he knows he can’t do that. Maybe this can help him atone for his mistakes and right a long-ago wrong, at the same time.

Can he keep the nightmares at bay long enough to figure out who the killer is? Or are they not nightmares at all, but his new reality of living with the dead?

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Sometimes buildings aren’t just made of brick, mortar, and steel.

Sean fell in love with the 100-year-old building the moment he laid his eyes on the old birdcage elevator. The grand lobby and eccentric trappings made it the perfect place to house his tech company.

However, a suspicious death threatens to derail his happiness. Sean ignores the swirling rumors about other deaths that occurred in the building. Giving no credence to the frightful tales, some employees swear to be true.

When Sean finds himself at the center of several mysterious incidents, he is forced to face the demons of his past to find out the real reason behind the unexplained events.

Can these mysterious happenings be explained away? Or maybe there is a more sinister reason for all the unexplained activity.

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