Victoria is working on several new projects. First, a new horror story. Think Constantine meets The Da Vinci Code. Her new book is a series about demon hunters who must stop the destruction of mankind.

Her plan is to have this out by the 2020 Halloween season. This will be a serial done in a rapid release format. She remembers reading Stephen King's The Green Mile and hated waiting a month to six weeks for each new installment. She has said she can't make her readers wait that long in between each full length novel. 

She is also working on book 2 in the Derek Reed series. The cover has been chosen and the book is almost finished. 

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Victoria M. Patton

Victoria M. Patton



Damien's picture perfect life is crumbling around him. 

When things go awry during the arrest of a brutal killer, Damien must defend his actions against the suspect's claims of brutality. However, that isn't the worst of his problems.

After stumbling across life-changing information, Damien reacts with complete disregard for the law he is sworn to uphold. His actions have severe consequences. Not only can they get him kicked off the force, but they could also land him in jail.

Hiding those events from his partner and family is not easy; and the secrets begin to weigh heavily on him. But the death of someone close to him brings everything to the surface. 

Just when he thinks he has made a decision on his future; his Captain asks him to do something. Not sure if he wants to fill the request, it leaves Damien wondering how things got this far left.

Read Dark Inception the prequel to the Damien Kaine Thriller Series.

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